Adjustment?? What adjustment?? Bandit has been here for two days and it’s like he’s always been here! No that’s not true… our cat has had to adjust and they are slowly becoming friends but other than that we are absolutely thrilled.

Bandit is an absolute love. He is a gentle, wise, fun, playful dog. We take him on at least two long walks a day so he gets some good exercise and he goes on several other shorter walks. Our oldest Rebecca brought him next door to my husband’s church and she and he ran all around the sanctuary. They had a blast! He has toys and we got him some new ones and he loves to play! We bought him a crate and he sleeps in there at night. We just leave the door open and the first day he went in and out as he wanted but today he found it much more comfortable to either lie on the floor next to the couch or just lie on the couch with Rebecca. He has met other dogs in the neighborhood on his walks and he’s usually a bit curious but has not yet barked at any of them. As a matter of fact, he hasn’t barked once since we got home. Even when the cat hissed at him he just looked at him as if to say, “really… are you kidding me?”
We want to thank SASRA for all your help and for rescuing Bandit. We cannot believe that anyone would have neglected or mistreated this dog. He is an absolute treasure and we are feeling overwhelmingly blessed. If Bandit is feeling like he died and went to heaven then we are feeling the same way about having him as part of our family.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!