Well, It has been almost a month since I saw you and I wanted to write to let you know I am doing good. I enclosed a few new pictures too. I get along with my brother and sisters really well. We go out in the truck just about every day.I am getting good playing with the ball at the park too.Even on long rides, I am good. 

We just got back from the vacation home in Jim Thorpe where we usually go for hikes(except this weekend, too Hot). I haven’t had any accidents (except for 2 my 1st week here) so I think My dad is going to start leaving me out of the crate when no one is home. I’m only in the crate now a couple hours a day now. The only time trouble I had here is when I was learning a new command….”move over”…..when its bedtime I picked a spot up near the pillows to sleep I was told I don’t leave enough room. I enclosed a picture where I sleep. Take care,