The answers to our most common questions.

Q.  I see a dog on your website I am interested in, now what?
A.  Don’t wait to fill out an application until you see a dog you want.  Dogs on the website probably already have a couple of approved applicants interested in them.

Q.  How long does it take to get a dog after I submit an application to SASRA?
A.  After you completed your application & we receive the application, the average wait is 3 weeks. If your application is approved, we look for a dog which matches your criteria (colors, age, sex, etc). The more restrictive you are the more time it may take to find a dog to match your requirements. Once approved, you might meet a dog that has the right look or seems right on paper, but he or she doesn’t suit your lifestyle. That dog will be placed with another forever family and SASRA volunteers will continue to work with you to find your match.

Q.  Do I need a fence?
A.  Although very helpful for obvious reasons, the need for a fence depends on your location, the amount of space you have for a dog to exercise, and the individual dog. Keep in mind a well-made fence will prevent or at least deter roaming skunks, porcupines, bear, dogs and other animals that may be dangerous or entice your dog’s predatory or herding instinct to chase anything that moves . . . including cars!

Q.  What is your heartworm prevention policy?
A.  Whether or not you agree with heartworm prevention medication, SASRA requires all of our dogs be kept current on a heartworm prevention plan.

Q.  What area do you service?
A.  North East PA (Scranton) to South East PA (Philadelphia) and as far West as Lebanon/Harrisburg is our main coverage area, but we have and do sometimes expand and contract these boundaries depending on our volunteer base. In cases where we may go outside our area the adopter or surrender may have to travel to us.

Q.  Where are your foster homes?
A.  Foster homes are located throughout the coverage area.