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Become a Volunteer

Event Volunteers

There are 3 main jobs of event volunteers, in some cases(simple small information table only, gift wrapping, etc...) a seasoned or very comfortable event volunteer can do all three jobs. 
1. Set up person - Obtain the kit/table from it's current location and transport it to the event. Set up the table, hang our banner, and set out our sellable merchandise along with a donation canister.
2. Event volunteers - Our purpose is make money for our organization through selling items and taking donations...and public awareness. We explain to people how they can become a volunteer, adopt from us and surrender to us. (applications pertaining to all these things are in the kit to hand out if applicable) It is our duty to remain courteous as we are representing SASRA. Our dogs are welcome at Events (unless otherwise specified) and we encourage you to bring yours. (please use your discretion and only bring people/dog friendly pets) Lastly, the table is never to be left unattended to prevent theft as we do have a money box, donation canister and merchandise present.
3. Tear down person - Neatly pack items away in their crates. Count money made from sales and donations (keep each tally separate) and fill out a Receipts Report To Treasurer form. Mail a check for the total money brought in along with the Receipts Report to the treasurer. Return the kit/table to where it belongs.
If you are not currently a SASRA Volunteer, please fill out a volunteer agreement and write event volunteer position on the first page.