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Adoption Stories

  Here is one picture of Balli in our yard...he is staring at a tennis ball that I had in my  hand.
. Here is Brandy at her forever home lying in her favorite spot watching out the door.  Look how fluffy she looks! .
Attached are some pictures of Tabasco from Christmas.  Jim and family went overboard on treats and toys.  I think he was just content with sitting in the family room with us and snoozing.

Hope you had a great Christmas and have a wonderful New Years!
Wow! A 30LBs lighter Coco at his forever home sharing a warm spot in the sun with his budy.
Attached you will find a picture that I took of Cesar on 01/11/09 while we were watching the football game on t.v.  He is now finally getting up on the furniture without being coaxed.  He is at home finally.  He loves his forever home and family including the cats.
Thank you again for the wonderful child.

Hi SASRA, It has been 6 months since I was adopted and I LOVE my furever home! My daddy (Steve) is the best!! He has taken all his time and energy to make me become the best dog I can be. We go to training classes, long walks and I love riding in his truck. He also gives the best belly rubs! My manners have greatly improved… but if you are a squirrel, all bets are still off! My Aunt Barb spoils me rotten and buys me toys and chew bones all the time!I would like to thank SASRA for finding me and rescuing me. Your dedication to the GSB breed is remarkable and very well appreciated. I also want to send a special thank you to my foster mom Jackie for taking care of me before fate sent me to my new home and family. 

Arf Arf, Arf (Life is Good),

Deja Vu

Hello everyone,  Well Coco is on his way home.  I am really happy for him, these people
are wonderful!  They didn't even let the snow stop them from coming to pick him up, now that should say something. They had called me during the week, from the pet store and said they were buying him toys and a new leash. They also went looking everywhere for the same food I was feeding him.  He's in good hands, but I know we will miss him!!  Here he is with his new family. 


Adjustment?? What adjustment?? Bandit has been here for two days and it's like he's always been here! No that's not true... our cat has had to adjust and they are slowly becoming friends but other than that we are absolutely thrilled.
Bandit is an absolute love. He is a gentle, wise, fun, playful dog. We take him on at least two long walks a day so he gets some good exercise and he goes on several other shorter walks. Our oldest Rebecca brought him next door to my husband's church and she and he ran all around the sanctuary. They had a blast! He has toys and we got him some new ones and he loves to play! We bought him a crate and he sleeps in there at night. We just leave the door open and the first day he went in and out as he wanted but today he found it much more comfortable to either lie on the floor next to the couch or just lie on the couch with Rebecca. He has met other dogs in the neighborhood on his walks and he's usually a bit curious but has not yet barked at any of them. As a matter of fact, he hasn't barked once since we got home. Even when the cat hissed at him he just looked at him as if to say, "really... are you kidding me?"
We want to thank SASRA for all your help and for rescuing Bandit. We cannot believe that anyone would have neglected or mistreated this dog. He is an absolute treasure and we are feeling overwhelmingly blessed. If Bandit is feeling like he died and went to heaven then we are feeling the same way about having him as part of our family.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!



   Well It has been almost a month since I saw you and I wanted to write to let you know I am doing good. I enclosed a few new pictures too. I get along with my brother and sisters really well. We go out in the truck just about everyday.I am getting good playing with the ball at the park too.Even on long rides I am good. We just got back from the vacation home in Jim Thorpe where we usually go for hikes(except this weekend,too Hot). I haven't had any accidents (except for 2 my 1st week here) so I think My dad is going to start leaving me out of the crate when no one is home. I'm only in the crate now a couple hours a day now. The only time trouble I had here is when I was learning a new command...."move over".....when its bed time I picked a spot up near the pillows to sleep I was told I don't leave enough room. I enclosed a picture where I sleep.

take care




Ruby formally Scooby taking a rest from play time to get his picture taken. 



Hello SASRA!
Greetings We can hardly believe a year has gone by since we adopted Smokey!
Smokey is doing wonderful as you can see by this photo... He is a real
lover. He craves attention and loves to play. Smokey loves to be petted,
play ball, eat, be petted, go for walks, be petted, play with the cat, be
He is also a talker, Sometimes I think he believes he is holding a
conversation with us. He also does this thing that makes him look like he is
Thanks again for introducing us to smokey he is a true blessing!

Chris, Lisa and Lena Hamm


Jack soaking in all the attention his forever family can possibly give!






Bullet enjoying his forever home with his mom and dad!





Hello All,

This is a picture of me, Nitro on my first vacation. I am here in Virginia visiting my owners grandchild and family. I am having so much fun and have met new friends both human and canine.  Life is good!

Love, Nitro, Bob and Judy Heil



Here are some pics of Stevie Ray from his forever family.  He's one happy boy!